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How does the program work?

This program covers only the power supply portion of your electric bill.
The delivery and distribution of electricity under this program will continue to remain the same, through the regulated utility (PSEG, JCPL, Atlantic City Electric, Etc.) that serves your home.
New Jersey’s Retail Choice regulations allow you to purchase power supply from a third party supplier. Most residential electric customers in the State have not switched to a third party supplier; therefore they obtain their power supply from their Local Distribution Company.
The municipality has engaged an independent consultant to collect energy usage information, prepare bid specifications, and seek pricing from Third Party Suppliers through a public bid process.
All municipality residents are automatically included in the Aggregation program unless they have already chosen a Third Party Supplier.
The program will leverage the bulk purchasing power of all of the municipality’s residents to obtain power supply that is less expensive.
Although all residential customers in the municipality not currently purchasing from a third party supplier are automatically included in the program, a resident may “opt-out” of the program if they wish to.
The local utility will continue to handle your account, addressing any outages and maintaining service. The only change is the billing and cost of the energy provided.