Some frequently asked questions


We've posted some of the more frequently asked questions we receive to help you better understand how the program works.
What is Government Energy Aggregation?
A municipality has the ability to combine the usage of all their residents and/or commercial and governmental properties to obtain a lower energy supply price than what the Local Distribution Company is currently charging. If they get a lower price, they can then offer it to all their constituents.
Who oversees the Government Energy Aggregation process?
What information will I receive about the program?
Is there a fee to be a part of the program?
Do I have to be in this program?
No. You can opt out by going to www.njaggregation.us.
Will I be penalized if I do not become a part of the program?
Is there a fee if I leave the program after it starts?
Is the price a “teaser” price that will go up after I am a part of the program?
Am I going to have to pay more than one bill if I am a part of this program?
No, you will continue to pay one bill to your Local Distribution Company (PSE&G, ACE, JCP&L) and pay that one bill directly to them as you always have.
Will budget billing be offered as part of this program?
If I have solar panels, can I be a part of this program?
Who will now read my meter?
Who do I call with service questions or questions about my bill?
Who do I Call if my electric goes out?
Can my information be sold to advertisers or energy companies?